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Parent App

All parents/guardians are given access to our parent app to ensure they have all the information they need regarding their child's day-to-day activity and on-going progress.

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What information is available on the app?

Daily Diary

Every day, we track and record your child's food, bottles, snacks, nap times and nappy changes to ensure parents are fully informed.


There is a two-way communication option so that parents can contact us via the app. We encourage parents to engage with us as much at possible so we can holistically support children and ensure they achieve their potential.

Learning Journey

We share photos and videos demonstrating children's progress. All activity is linked in with the EYFS framework so that parents understand how their child is progressing and what their next steps are.

Incident & Medicine Forms

Providing parents with peace of mind with online medicine forms and updates when doses are administered and accurate recording of any accidents.


We produce regular progress reports for each child which include current progress and next steps for each area of the EYFS framework. Each report will support parents to better understand what their child will be working towards.

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